Friday, September 17, 2010

Visit your library Monday, October 4, 2010

On this day Grossmont College Library, along with libraries across California, will participate in Snapshot: One Day in the Life of California's Libraries by collecting information, comments, and photographs from events in a typical library day.

We want you in the picture! Stop by the Reference Desk on Oct. 4. We'll be collecting statistics and patron quotes and submitting these to the California Library Association.

Come help us advocate for libraries!


Michelle Blackman said...

We want to show some of the things Grossmont College Library does that your local public library may not. Let's count the ways...!

Michelle Blackman said...

Jeff Bratt plans to bring his camera on "SnapShot Day" so we'll have some photos to submit with our count of everything we do--especially what we do for our students and faculty that's not available at public library branches in our community.

Michelle Blackman said...

Well, Snapshot Day has come and gone! We just need to submit the numbers, quotes, and photos we collected through the CLA survey set up to collect it all.