Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Textbook Hints

Grossmont College Bookstore is a great place to get textbooks – but what if yours has not yet come in? You have Ross Books of course, but….did you know …..

. Free use of textbooks is possible in your library? Check the Reserve area of the library for your textbook. If we don’t have it, you might want to ask your instructor if he or she can place their copy on reserve in the library.

· You can rent textbooks for much cheaper than buying them? Check out

· You can compare prices of textbooks from online booksellers? There are a number of comparison sites: try for starters.

A couple of useful additional hints:
The ISBN of the book is not always best to use when searching for a book – you might have the ISBN of the hardcover, but what if there is an ISBN of a soft cover that is cheaper? You won’t find it. Try the title instead.

Correct edition of your text:
There may be quite a few editions of your textbook for rent or sale – check to make sure you are ordering the correct one. That’s an advantage to using our bookstore – they always have the correct edition.

Selling a text:
Our bookstore is, of course, a great place to sell back your text. But if for some reason you can’t sell it there, there are a number of sites that purchase used books – is one you might check out.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

E-Chat Cafe

This fall, we established a new e-chat cafe on the main floor of the library. In this area, you can chat with your friends or chat on your laptop, while sipping your double latte.

Let us know what you think about this new area! Click on Comments and let us know.